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OSHA 5810


OSHA 5810: Hazards Recognition for Upstream Operations

OSHA 5810-

Hazards Recognition and


Training Course forthe

USOn‐ShoreOil andGas

Exploration and Production



Is currently where the modules for the instructors of OSHA 5810

This site is password protected

The Password as of current is OSHA5810

This password will be changed within one week. To gain access after that point email oilandgashazards@gmail.com for access

The rational is to be able to lock down the modules and material for instructor while providing the instructors with resources at the OSHA5810.com site-using this site to show videos and information to the class.

http://www.5810safety.tumblr.com/  will be changed to 5810safety.com within a week as well.

Module information will be updated in a format so that it can be coppied and pasted into power points-actual ppt/pdf’s will be uploaded at a later date.

Test is working and in progress check it out below or on the test link.

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For questions or concerns email oilandgashazards@gmail.com